DIY Pinterest lamp

imageHello lovelies 💗,

I found this super easy and fun lamp and you probably already have everything! It looks great and smells so nice!🍉

all you need is :

an orange slice🍊

some rosemary🎍

and pine branches🎋

some water💧

a mason jar or old jam pot🍶

a tea light (small candle)

some oil🍳image

Just take the wick out of your tea light (small candle🍇 ) and fill the jar with water and the oil, place the rosemary and pine🎄 in too (you could add cinnamon or star✨ anise too!) then the orange slice, then on top of that you just have to place the wick! It burns for so long and you can just keep adding more oil, if you wanted a more scented one then you could even add essential oils! ❤️

If you recreate this id love tho see it so tag me on Instagram for a 📷SHOUTOUT! See you in my next post!

Millie xxx 💁🏼

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