Perfect manicure at home || collab with Katie

Hello lovelies πŸ’—
This is a collab with Katie who is also doing a nail related post! πŸ’… I’m going to show you how to do a perfect manicure at home, it’s super easy and quick to do if you’re in a rush of even at a sleepover πŸ‘― I hope you enjoy it! Ps Katie’s link is here ! So go check it out her blog is really good! Here we go!πŸ₯


First I get a bowl (you could do it in the sink) and fill with water and a few tablespoons of oil, almond oil is good for your nails but olive oil is more widely available. 🍢 and some shower gel for BuBbLeS!! 😊 Then just soak your hands for a few minutes. image

Next I massage some hand cream. (my favorite right now is the aveo wellness one 🌺)

This may sound really weird but it works, I take some lip balm not colored is best πŸ’„ and just rub that in with my fingers πŸ‘ or a cotton bud onto my cuticles.The last step is just painting your nails, I just used a pink one but any color will do 🐡 then seal that off with a gel or clear top coat! That’s all there is to it πŸ’…

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have checked out Katie’s who will be showing you some nail art 🎨! have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in my next post!πŸ’• Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates and clues to my next posts! See you on Thursday πŸ’‹

Millie xxx ☺️

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