Confetti mini muffins recipe

Hello lovelies, 💗
In this post I’m going to teach you my confetti mini muffin recipe with rainbow sprinkles inside. 🌈It makes loads of mini muffins and it’s so easy to do. They taste really nice 😋and some of you tried my pancake recipe and asked me when if do a new recipe so here, this one’s for you!💋 You’ll need:
2 eggs🐤
100g of flour🍞
100g of sugar🍚
100g of butter🍪
1tsp of baking powder🍫
1tsp of vanilla essence 🍥
A handful of sprinkles 🍬
Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 or 180•c. Cream the butter and sugar together.🎂 Then split the egg white and yolk into two separate bowls. Then whisk the whites until they’re fluffy. Meanwhile sift the flour into the bowl and mix it with the yolks all together and fold in the fluffy whites and sprinkles.🍰 Then pipe small blobs into the mini muffin cases and cook them in the oven for ~5 mins or until golden brown.🍦 While they’re cooling down make the icing. You’ll need:
100g of icing sugar🍪
50g of butter🍮
Some food coloring (optional)🍷
Mix them all together and then pipe it on top of the mini muffins. If you want to see some pics of step by step then just keep scrolling down ! See you on Thursday with an 🎀Easter DIY !
Millie xxx 💕

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