Instagram Q&A

Hello lovelies,πŸ’—
I’m so sorry I haven’t uploaded in so long it’s just that I’ve been to Croatia to help the less fortunate and I didn’t have my phone πŸ“²for the whole time but I’m back now ☺️ So I asked you on my Instagram [@mypastelpage] for some questions and you came out with these ;πŸ‘πŸΌ
What’s your favorite makeup brand [high end and drugstore] ?πŸ‘›
I haven’t tried many high end makeup brands but I do quite like MAC and benefit, for drugstore I really like essence.
What’s your hobby?
I have quite a few, baking 🍧 hanging out with friends πŸ‘―I really enjoy singing , acting and dancing! I also enjoy Instagram, YouTube and blogging. When I’m bored I love scrolling through Pinterest! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Who is your favorite blogger?
Probably a day in the life of the anonymous me, she’s been so helpful to me and kind and I love her blog so much.*πŸ’•
What inspired you to start a blog?πŸ“²
Her * and just the fact that I love giving my opinion on things and I thought that this would be easier than a YouTube channel #lazygirl
Who do you fangirl?πŸ‘›
I fangirl ZOELLA #basic but she’s just so lovely, I also fangirl Sarah Therese who is so inspiring to me
Why did you start a blog?πŸ’»
I wanted to express myself, give my opinion, I love beauty, fashion and DIYs πŸ”¨so I thought I could share them with you. And have since I’ve started I’ve got a bunch of amazing people who support me (you know who you all are) πŸ’—
What’s your favorite animal?🐯
Cats 😸
What’s your favorite song?🎧
I have a few but Kung fu fighting, 🎎let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on.
What’s your favorite makeup product?
I love the Barry m showgirl mascara which is a staple favorite for me at only Β£5 I honestly think it’s better than [my mums] roller lash !
When did you start blogging?πŸ“±
A few months ago… Sorry I’m not sure the exact date but you can see on my first blogpost πŸ˜‚
What are some of your favorite beauty products?πŸ’‹
The essence lipsticks,πŸ’„ lush mask of magnaminty and I love the spirit of a joyful splash perfume, the zoella range and of course soap and glory EVERYTHING ☺️
Thank you so much for reading and please don’t hesitate to give me opinions and ideas for new blogposts 😏 anyways bye for now πŸ‘‹πŸ»
Xxx Millie πŸ’—


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