2 smoothie / milkshake recipes


Sup girls, 👅
Yup I changed it! ⤴️ This is a requested post that I thought was such a good idea that I just had to do it!🍹 So thanks for your suggestions I love doing them ! I’ve got a healthy smoothie recipe and a not so healthy milkshake! 🍦Feel free to swap any ingredients and tell me if you do cuz I’d love to make them and taste them too! 🍥Anyway I’ve got a raspberry and pineapple 🍍smoothie and a vanilla and banana ice cream milkshake! They both taste so good and my mouth is watering just speaking about them, 🍇for the raspberry and pineapple smoothie all you need is :
A handful of frozen raspberries 🍇(you don’t even need to defrost them)
A handful of pineapple 🍍(I used fresh but you can use tinned if you want)
A bit less than half a cup of water 💦
A sprinkle of sugar (optional)🍚
A few mint leaves (optional)🌿
Chop up the pineapple and mint and add all the ingredients to the blender ! Whizzzzz and voilà! 👅


For the milkshake all you need is:🍧
Half a chopped banana🍌
1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream 🍦
1/4 of a cup of milk 🍼
Just add everything, whizz and that’s it! They’re both super simple recipes that i think taste so good that I hope you will enjoy. Don’t forget to tag me in your pics for a shoutout! As always 💕
Xxx Millie 💋


  1. These look so good! I need to try the banana milkshake. I made a milkshake with Oreos (3 scoops of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate either works), 1/2 cup of milk, and 3-4 Oreos.) It’s really nice!

    Nice post! ~
    Abi Leah


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