Choc chip microwave mug cake

Sup girls 💗
Yesterday my friend Alex and me made a chocolate mug cake 🍰without egg and it was actually really nice, I know I only just posted a recipe but I thought I may as well share this one as it was a success! 😛It tasted so good and was literally super easy to do and took no time at all 😉and I’m pretty sure you’ll already have all/ most of the ingredients in ! All you need is
1/4 of a cup of flour🍙
3 tbs of cocoa powder🍫
3tbs of choc chips🍪
1/2 of a banana mashed OR an egg🍌
3tbs of sugar 🍚
1 1/2 tbs of oil OR peanut butter (for the win)😋
3tbs of milk 🍼
1tsp of vanilla extract 🍥


Just mix in all the ingredients in a mug and put it in the microwave for 2mins! If you hear exploding 😂it’s just the mixture bubbling and popping, don’t worry it’s normal ! Then dust off with some icing sugar and enjoy!🍦
That’s it I hope you all enjoyed it and I’m sorry it’s late…
Millie xoxo 👅


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