Spring lookbook

Sup girls πŸ‘…
Yesterday my best friend Evie πŸ‘―and I took some of our favorite spring clothes and made a small look book for you all! I hope you enjoy these! 🌸

In this pic I’m wearing:
~ a denim button up skirt from H&M which goes with almost everything and I wear it literally every day ! πŸŽ€
~ a pair of spotted tights [highly available everywhere]πŸ˜›
~ a black spaghetti strap top which is a must have anyway from primark for an absolute bargain of Β£ 1.80 πŸ‘•
~ a plaid shirt which I’m obsessed with all year round from C&AπŸ‘š

The next look is Evie’s so I’m not sure where everything comes from
~ a white coachella style Lacey crop top which is so gorgeous !
~ grey and white high waist trousers that are really cute πŸ‘–
~ addidas white shoesπŸ‘Ÿ

The next look is a really simple one with everything from H&M :
~ a white lace coachella style top slightly cropped, I am completely in love with this right now 🎽
~ blue denim jeans that are slightly faded at the knees which I love πŸ‘–

Evie’s second look:
~ same crop top as aboveπŸ‘š
~ urban outfitters flared high waisted jeans that are so retro and adorable ! I really like the way these look as well.πŸ‘–

My last look is just;
~ a black and floral dress from primark which is so sweet and slightly hippie styled.


Evie’s last look is the denim skirt again and the white crop top too!
I hope you all liked this ! If you want a bikini from to die for then I’ve got a discount for you its 15% off any swim wearπŸ‘™ and you have 1-2 weeks just use my code ‘PASTELBIKINI’ if you want to see anything on this blog then tell me in the comments below and all of your favorite clothes I love hearing all about you! Tell me your favorite shop …πŸ‘›
Have a fab day! I might do a what I got for my birthday if you want to see what I got!
Millie xoxo πŸ’—

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