DIY rainbow highlighter

Sup girls πŸ‘…
So I’ve been seeing these on the Internet a lot recently and I was like “I can totally make this” so I tried and here’s how I did it! 🍭

All you need is
A bowl 🍚
A spoon
Rainbow eyeshadow colours (red, orange, yellow…) 🌈
An empty eyeshadow/ blush pot
Water (spray bottle is useful)πŸ’§
[Optional] pigment or glitter🌷



Clean the pot. Mix a crushed up eyeshadow about one spoonful with some pigment and two squirts of water in the bowl. πŸ’¦Press in down into the pot! Then do the same with all the other colors, then press with a tissue hard on top until the water sort of absorbs. That’s it! πŸ˜†
I hope you enjoyed this post it is super simple to make and works really well! 🌸Make sure you get pigmented shadows though because mine weren’t too pigmented because it was a Claire’s one and it didn’t work great but it’s perfect for a subtle highlight!
😊Have fun and tag me on Instagram (@mypastelbl0g @mypastelpage) and I’ll shout you out! Have a nice day!πŸ‘‹πŸ»
Millie xoxo πŸ’—

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