Happiness tag

Sup girls 👅
so I was tagged to do the happiness tag 😄and I’m really excited to do this tag because happiness is life,🌷 I you’re happy then you will go far in life and have many friends! 👯
➳ List 5 things that make you happy
➳ List 5 songs that make you happy🎧
➳ Nominate 5 people to do this tag

So the things that make me happy:
•Spending time with my friends👯
This is like something that can be so fun and have you getting into fits of laughter on the floor or covered in chocolate chip cookie dough…
•blogging 📝
It’s a free thing that I’m really enjoying doing and I’m so happy all of you love reading my blogs as much as I love writing them!
•baking, reading 🍪📖
There’s something really calming, about these two things, I think a lot of you can relate! Tell me below what your favorite book is! Plus you can eat your bakes after!
This is one of the most fun things to do and it’s so fun with friends and it makes me so happy
•beauty treatments💅
I do love a good face mask every now and then, they clean your skin and feel really good! My favorite one right now is the lush mask of magnaminty one! 😉
5 songs that make you happy
• Pompeii by Bastille😛
•Geronimo by sheppard 😋
• any dramatic music ( I’m weird like this) 😆
• count on me by Bruno Mars 👅
•domino by Jessie j (I’ve seen her in concert!) 👌🏻
Nominate 5 people;
• a day in the life of the anonymous me 🌺
• Sunday’s are sunny🌼
• prettylittlebeautysacl 🌸
• anyone else who wants to do it!🌷

So I hope you all enjoyed that tag, thanks for reading and making me happy! 💕Here’s a new thing I’m going to introduce to this blog is a action step 🌸where you can do something nice, today the action step is to be nice or say something nice to make someone smile or be happy!🌈 Anyway thanks again so much and I hope this made you happy! Have a wonderfully happy day !🍭 I love you all so much! Please stay tuned for Sunday’s blogpost !
Millie xoxo💋


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