Travel diary; Paris (2)

Sup girls, 👅
So I’m in Paris 🇫🇷and I thought I’d blog everything I’m doing/ seeing / wearing like a vlog on YouTube📷! I’ll be adding pictures too!
Paris day 2! We had so much fun!💫 We woke up at 9~ and had the buffet breakfast in our hotel, there were crêpes, saussages, bacon, fruit salad, 🍉croissants and much much more! It was really delicious! My mum Abi and I went up the Eiffel Tower, wow it’s so big!!!🗼😂 I knew it would be big but it’s enormous! We only went half way up because of the queues… Then we met Maxine 👩(Abi’s mum) and went to the hillsong church which was in a theater and it was so cool! Then we went and ate (tagliatelle for me, 🍔burger for abi) next we took the metro to notre dame and it was really big and gorgeous! 😍We decided to get on a hop on, hop off boat🚢 which we took to the louvre, we walked through the park and got ice creams, then we walked from ‘champs Élysées’ to ‘arc de triomphe’ and stopped at Disney 😊store, Tiffanys 💎and h&m (where we didn’t buy anything!) then we got the boat back to the 🗼Eiffel Tower and the metro to Blanche, we ate really good Aisian🍜food for dinner and then we came back and I’m about to go to bed because I’m so tired and it’s already 23:24 📱 we walked about 12km in total 😄 here are some of the pics!

Ps I speak French fluently, since I live in a French speaking country! so that hasn’t been a problem, 😚
Love you lots
Xoxo Millie 💗

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