Top ten movies ever!

Sup girls 👅
The reason I didn’t post on Thursday was because I posted twice on Sunday and Monday… When the weather gets better I’ll post a try on primark haul! ☀️But right now I’m just going to be sharing my top ten movies of all time they’re (Not in any order) lights, camera, action🎬
1. Back to the future trilogy
A classic movie staring Michael j fox who goes to the future and the past with his friend doc…🌟
2. Hunger games🔥
My favorite movie and book trilogy 24 tributes from 12 districts go into an arena, 🐤they have to survive and kill each other,🎯 only one can survive but when peeta falls in love with katniss things get tougher! 😏
3. Percy Jackson
Such a good series of books and movies about a Demi God camp.🌈
4. Titanic
You all know what happens🚢
5. Nativity ❤️
A class that wants to show Hollywood how good their nativity but they cross a few problems along the way! 😇
6. Grease💕
Musical! The songs are so good! Sandy and Danny thought they were a summer romance but when she starts her school year in his high school…💗
7. Mamma Mia 🌺
Sophie is getting married and invites her 3 potential dads to her wedding, not everything goes to plan, BEST SONGS EVER! 🎤
8. Marley and me
Based on a true story, Owen Wilson and Jennifer aniston💁 adopt a dog but this dog’s a Labrador and a cheeky one too! 🐶
9. High school musical 👑
If you don’t know this one then where have you been your whole life?! 💫
10. Now you see me 🔮
A movie all about magic tricks! They even play one on you!!!
Bonus. paper towns📃
From a book written by John green!📚 Margo runs away and they all go on a road trip to find her, kind of hard to explain but it’s a great movie! 😁
I hope I explained these okay, tell me below what your favorite movies are! 🎥I hope you liked this kind of blogpost! 😉I love you all so much and I’ll see you on Thursday!
Xoxo Millie 💗

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