DIY bath melts

Sup girls 👅
I made this DIY [bath melts]a few days ago and it turned out really well! 💫I thought I share it with you, so here we go! All you need is
• 1cup of baking powder🍥
• 1 cup of cornflour 🍙
• 1 cup of salt or Epsom salt🍚
• 1 cup of coconut oil🍍
• 1 tablespoon of lemon juice🍋
• 1 teaspoon of water 💦
• coloring and essential oil (optional)

🍒Mix the salt, cornflour and the baking powder in a bowl, in a different bowl, mix the lemon juice and water in a cup.🍍 Then melt the coconut oil. Stir the coconut oil and the dry ingredients together, add the essential oil and coloring in too. 🌈Slowly, bit by bit mix in the water and lemon juice until it forms a powder. Not too liquidy (that’s not a word) . 🌺Pat it into mold (cupcake cases work super well), put it in the fridge overnight then it should just melt when you plop it in your bath, it won’t fizz or make bubbles but it colors and scents your bath, plus it leave your skin SOOOO soft! 💁🏼It’s literally so easy and it works so well, you probably already have everything at home!😉
I hope you make this and like it as much as I do! 🎁It would make a great gift… Anyway see you on Thursday!
Xoxo Millie 💗


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