Bubble tea recipe

Sup girls 👅

If been getting comments about how to follow me well if you want to know when I post just follow my Instagram @mypastelblogx 💫So today I’m going to be showing you how to make a DIY bubble tea 🍹since is Father’s Day (where I live) ! My dad likes bubble tea so yours probably will too, so this is the perfect thing to give them since I know how hard it is to buy them things… 🎁All you need for this wonderful drink is
• 1 tea bag (I used berry)🍓
• 2 tsp sugar 🍚
• some ice ❄️
• 4tsp of corn flour / starch 🌽
• water 💧
• flavoring and coloring 🐙
All you do is fill up half a cup with boiling water, add the tea bag and sugar let it infuse for as long as it says to do it on the packet, ⭐️meanwhile (whilst it’s cooling) make the bubbles, mix a drop of food coloring and 2 tsp of flavoring slowly, 🐬mixing well until the mixture is powdery but moldable. Put a pan of water to boil and start moulding your bubbles by rolling them into balls.🔮 Make sure they’ll fit it the Straw (I learnt the hard way) then place them in the pan of boiling water for 10-12 mins. 🎾They’ll have a weird slimy thing around them, place them into a bowl of water and ice until they cool down a bit then rub off the slime and place them in your cooled tea. 🍷Top off with some ice and lemon. 🍋
I hope you enjoy this recipe if you do it then please tag me in your posts for a shoutout! See you on Thursday ! Love you all👑
Xoxo Millie 💕

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