My top 10 life hacks || collab

Sup girls πŸ‘…
Today I’m collabing with @blondeblogger18 her link is here so please go check her blog out! It’s really good! πŸ’«And we’re going to be telling and showing you some of our favorite life hacks! πŸ”¨
1. DIY kitchen aid, place your electric hand mixer on a bag of flour or something at the right hight then let it do the job for you! Here’s a pic ;πŸ“·

2. If you’ve got really weak nails then paint a coat of clear nail polish on them so that they don’t break as quick, it adds an extra layer basically! πŸ‘…
3. Don’t have any blush? Just use a dab of lipstick, it works just as well as cream blush!πŸ’‹
4. If you spill nail polish on the floor, then cover it in sugar and then sweep it right up! 🍚
5. Staying on the nail theme here, when you’re painting your nails πŸ’…just get some glue and paint around your nail then I you get any on your finger it’ll peel right off! ☺️
6. Get your nails to dry quicker by plunging them in ice water for a few minutes.πŸ’¦β„οΈ
7. If you’re going on holiday and you’re taking necklaces with you, thread them through a straw so they don’t get tangled!πŸ’Ž
8. Have you got the white vans like Daniel that are getting dirty? πŸ˜‚Just wipe them with some nail polish remover.
9. If you want your pencil ✏️eyeliner to go on smoother and stay on longer then heat it up for a few seconds with a lighter! BE CAREFUL ITS REALLY HOT!πŸ”₯ So test it on your hand first! You can also do this with your lip liner!πŸ‘„
10. This last one I found on Pinterest and it’s the best one ever! πŸ•

I hope you enjoyed these hacks, don’t forget to check out the collab too! πŸ‘‘Tell me I you give these hacks a go, see you all in my next post! πŸ’ž
Xoxo Millie πŸ’—

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