Summer nail art tutorial

Sup girls πŸ‘…
After being quite well requested on Instagram, πŸ’…I’m going to be showing you a nail art tutorial that I think is really in for summer! πŸ‰You don’t even need all that fancy stamp kit stuff ! You can use any colors you want but I used:🎈
β€’ turquoise nail polish ( I used essence in the shade )πŸ’™
β€’ coral nail polish (I used essence in the shade )πŸ’•
β€’ clear top coat (I used essence in the shade 01)❄️
β€’ liquid glue or that peel off stuff πŸ™
β€’ tiny tape (I used essence one)πŸ‘‘
β€’ dry drops (optional, I used essence express dry drops)πŸ’¦
As you can probably tell, I am quite a big fan of the essence brand when it comes to nail polish! πŸ˜‹
First of all paint the glue around your accent nail (the one next to the pinky):

Then place the tiny tape (I don’t know what it’s called) in a triangle [illuminati confirmed πŸ‘€)

On a sponge, paint a line of blue and a line of coral:πŸ’«

Dab it (unintended punπŸ˜‚) onto your nail, it should look slightly see through so repeat the process again until you’re happy with what it looks like:

Apply dry drops :πŸ’¦

and peel off the glue and tiny tape:

Paint all of your other nails in your disorder color and top coat!:

I hope you all enjoyed this! ☺️Please leave a comment of what you’d like to see next on here, I’ll give it a try! See you in my next post.πŸ’‹
Xoxo Millie πŸ’—

1 Comment

  1. BeYouTiful ^.^
    Love the pastel aesthetic too, btw.
    I’m following you so I’ll know when you post more fabuluz nail tutorials!
    (If you do it soon I’ll give you a cookie ;))


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