Lavender lemonade recipe

Sup girls 👅
First of all I just want to say I’m sorry for not uploading on Sunday, basically my phone fell in the bath but it’s ok now thanks to a bag of rice 🍚
Today I’m going to be showing you this lavender lemonade recipe😉 which my friend gave me the recipe of years ago but I changed it quite a bit. For 3 1/2 liters you need ;
•3-4 big lemons🍋
•sugar or honey🍯
•3 liters of water💧
•lavender 🌸
First you want to boil half of your water and add as much lavender as you want into it (I used ~3 handfuls) ✊🏼then you want to add the zest of all the lemons in too and let it infuse for around 10-15 minutes🕒until it’s gone a bluey pinkey color.


Meanwhile juice all the lemons and the other half of the water ( which should be cold) ❄️together, once it’s all infused mix it all together and add your sugar or honey until you like the taste 😏personally I like it quite sour but do it however you like. Then you can add some ice and some fresh lavender and drink! 🍹

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, I think it’s perfect for the summer, I’ve got a collab planned for Sunday so I’ll see you then! Love you all💗
Millie xx

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