Empties|| collab with leonie

Sup girls, πŸ‘…
Today I’m doing a collaboration with Leonie πŸ’—aka prettyrainclouds.blogspot.fr so please check her post out (after you’ve finished reading mine) so we’re going to be basically talking you through our makeup trash. πŸ˜‚Telling you what we think if we’d purchase again an all that fun stuff! πŸ‰Let’s get started ;
The first product is the boots ingredients coconut & almond leave in conditioner and first of all it smells great, πŸ’‡it detangles your hair and leave it smooth and shining. I would definitely repurchase this but I’m not sure if they still do it.😁

The next product is also from the same range but it’s an intensive hair mask, it smells the same and it helps remove frizz,πŸ’« it leaves your hair soft and moisturized and tangle free! I’ll probably get this again as its only 1Β£ something 🎈

The next one is a shower gel body wash from sainsburys and smells really nice as it has blueberry extract in it. πŸ‡It was quite thick and bouncy, it lathers up well, the only thing I dislike about this is that they don’t make it anymore ! Otherwise I probably would of bought it again.πŸ˜”

The next one is the showgirl mascara from Barry m, this is a flawless product, it gives you thick long lashes, the applicator is really nice and a great size too.🌸 It lasts all day and doesn’t flake at all! It’s Β£5 and I definitely will be getting another one as soon as possible. πŸ‘‘

Next up we have a hair dye from special effects, it’s in the shade atomic pink I used this twice to do a dip dye and some pink highlights. πŸ’—It’s such a vibrant color that fades to a salmon pink after a while, I have to get rid of it because it’s 1 year out of date 😹and it doesn’t work as well now. I would probably purchase this again in a different color.✌🏼️

Staying on hair I’ve got the superdrug dry shampoo (everyone’s best friend) I believe this has glitter in it but they have loads of different shades,πŸ‘― I’ve also got the blonde one without glitter, it removed all the grease from your hair and it looks like it’s been washed, it was great value and I don’t use it that often but I usually use it when I want more volume,πŸ™‹ it’s one flaw is that it does create a bit of frizz but nothing too crazy! I’m probably going to buy this again but I might try a different shade.πŸ’†

On to skincare I’ve used up the clearasil anti acne pads, it’s so satisfying when you use one as you can see all the muck in your pores, the cotton pad becomes all grey blackish haha only me? πŸ˜‚It’s really good but I like the normal ones better than the strong ones. I’ll finish up the ones I have and maybe repurchase but we’ll see…πŸ™ˆ

The last beauty product is the cien eye makeup remover and I love this, I’ve already repurchased one or two bottles of this,πŸ™Š it removed all makeup really easily and it feels good on the skin too, it doesn’t irritate the eyes at all!😌

The last things are these really cool mentos mints, now I’m not a fan of mentos πŸ˜’but these are like tic tacs but round and in more flavors, I got these in Italy so I’m not sure if they’re available world wide, 🌎you can’t get them where I live but these tasted so nice and I wish I had more πŸ˜‹

That’s it’s for this post, I’m sorry it’s long, I hope you like that though!πŸ˜‰ Don’t forget to check out Leonie’s post ! I’ll see you in my next blogpost! πŸ’
Millie xx


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