Family propercorn taste test| ad

Sup girls 👅
This company called propercorn kindly sent me a huge box of 24 packets of their delicious popcorn! 🍟I was so excited when I saw a box almost as big as me filled with one of my favourite treats sat outside my door,


Also, it came in such a cute cardboard chest and the popcorn packaging is really cute !

So my family and I did a bit of a taste test great British bake off style: 🍰we all had a great time with our pens and paper as we marked the popcorns 📰so I made a list from our least to favorite flavors:🍇


6 lightly sea salted 💦(88 calories per packet)
Average score 6.75/10
Mum; it’s a subtle taste
Dad; not much flavor 3/10 (<- savage)
Sam; nice but needs more salt 9/10
Millie; not salty enough but nice 7/10


[5 tied] sweet and salty🍚 (129 calories per packet)
Average score 7/10
Mum; unusually nice 7/10
Dad; I prefer one to the other but I don’t like to mix sweet and salty 5/10
Sam; personally not too keen 7/10
Millie; interesting mix, I like it a lot 9/10


[5 tied] sour cream and black pepper 🍘(88 calories per packet)
Average score 7/10
Mum; like a lot 9/10
Dad; NOT ENOUGH peppery 8/10
Sam; love it but LESS pepper 9/10 😂
Millie; don’t like pepper or sour cream sorry 2/10 (<- savage )


3 smooth peanut and almond 🍤(120 calories per packet)
Average score 7.75/10
Mum; not to my taste 6/10
Dad; all I need to say is 10/10
Sam; good, although I can’t really taste the almond 8/10
Millie; nice but not enough almond flavoring for me 7/10


2 sweet coconut and vanilla 🍍(121calories per packet)
Average score 9.25/10
Mum; great 9/10
Dad; 10/10 is all I can say
Sam; not bad at all 8/10
Millie; amazing, sweet flavor combo, very exotic 10/10


1 Fiery Worcester sauce and sun dried tomato🍅 (93 calories per packet)
Average score: 9.5/10
Mum; rich flavor very tasty 9/10
Dad; nice but a bit overpowering for popcorn (for some people [not me]) 9/10
Sam; delicious no flaws 10/10
Millie; nice and spicy with loads of flavors, I didn’t like tomatoes but these are really nice 9/10
So with that we have our winner! 👑The fiery Worcester sauce and sun dried tomatoes, thanks again so much propercorn for sending me all of these, my family and I clearly love them a lot. 💗 My brother Sam has just made a blog so if you want to check it out, here’s the link ; 💻
Thank you all for reading, I’ll see you in my next post! 💋
Millie xx


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