Instagram Q&A

Sup girls πŸ‘…
Guess what! I changed from to πŸ’πŸΌ! How great is that? πŸŽ‰To celebrate I thought you might want to get to know me better so I asked you today on Instagram (@mypastelpage / @mypxstelblog) to ask me some questions so I can answer them! πŸ˜‰
@leo_bonner Q; boots πŸ‘’or cats😺?
A; cats cuz they’re cute πŸ˜‚
@saraa0711 Q; what are your fave makeup brands drugstore and high end? πŸ‘£
A; I love essence and makeup revolution as my favorite drugstore brands because their products are so cheap and good quality. πŸ‘‘And I’ve only tried a few higher end products but I like benefit and Mac,😍 I think benefit’s products are so unique (like high beam) and MAC just get the packaging and formula right! πŸ‡
@mxrgan.j0y Q: what’s your favorite Starbucks drink ? 🍹
A; I always order a chocolate frappuccino without coffee but with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
@crazy_crazy_4 Q: what’s your favorite color to put on your lips? πŸ’„
A; in the summer it’s a coral red or purple, in the autumn it’s a dark berry red, in the winter it’s a bright red and in the spring it’s a pink / nude ! Great question btw ! πŸ˜‰ Q: boots or primark?πŸ˜‹
A; tough question but probably primark because their clothes are soooo cheap and great quality! πŸ’«
@alex.finstaaaaa Q; top snapchat filters?
A: cool question Lexi,
1. The strawberry πŸ“
2. The pink one with the pink crown thing🌷
3. The flower crown🌺
4. The cat eyeliner thing🐯
5. The koala 🐨
6. The Madagascar forest thing with the little fluffy animalsπŸ™Š
@lifeas.saff Q; what’s your favorite quote?
A; ‘you don’t choose the thug life, the thug life chooses you’ cuz #relatable cuz I ain’t no thug πŸ˜‚
I hope I answered all your questions, I’m sorry if I didn’t do yours but I’ll probably be doing another Q&A soon!
Have a great day! 🌸See you in my next post! πŸ’‹
Millie xx

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