Huge England haul / first impressions

Sup guys and girls 👅
Yup I changed that ! But let’s get right to the point as this is going to be a long post.😉 I’m in England right now and I’ve done a fair bit of shopping (a lot actually) in pound land , boots superdrug, Amazon, Asda, tesco’s and more so I thought I’d share my purchases 👛with you and my first impressions on everything. I’ve sorted everything out into categories (apart from a few things I forgot) but anyway, Let’s get started;
Baking ;🍥

In asda, I got two baking books for £3 (2 for £3) there’s a cupcake one And a beautiful bakes one. 🍬
I also got 7 packets of jellies pineapple x2 / strawberry/ raspberry/ lime/ blackberry for 50p and a strawberry glitter one. 🍭
I got an apple corer 🍏for a pound.
In tesco’s I got two packets of chocolate chips, a tub of neon sprinkles, some salted caramel flavor and cupcake cases.🍧
I forgot to add that in pound land I got measuring cups and spoons. Obviously they cost a pound.


In superdrug they had a 3 for 2 so I went a bit mad!
From zoella I got her body fondant which I’ve tried and can I just say I absolutely love this product, it adds a lovely glow to the skin 👽which is moisturising and tanning as well.
I also got makeup revolution blush palette in sugar and spice which I love the shades in especially the two highlight shades. 🙋It was £6.
I also got an eyeshadow brush (£2) and some tweezers (£1.49) The Barry m daylight curing topcoat (£3.99) and the showgirl mascara (£4.99) From Mua I got a tinted lip balm (£2)👄 a liquid eyeliner (£2) which is really easy to apply 💋and a liquid lipstick (£3) which is a gorgeous shade and lasts long without drying out too much! 👍🏻
From pound land I got a Barry m pink pigment and an angled blush brush which were a pound each.

Hair/skin care:💆

From boots I got; a conditioner with coconut which the lovely lady (April) helped me with, 😊she highly recommended using this like a mask on your hair so I had to get it as it was only 75p! I also got two natural source body washes one is raspberry 🍇and the other one is coconut and shea butter.😉
I got the zoella ‘double crème’ body lotion (£5)which smells lush and is so nourishing and her ‘ le fizz’ bath fizzer (£5) which I haven’t tried yet but it smells lovely too. 😋
You may say I’m crazy but I want to see what I look like with brown hair (I’m blonde) so I got this wash In wash out shampoo which I’m super excited to try ! (£2) 💁🏼
From pound land I got these little bottle container things which were only a pound so yeah! 🔆


From tesco’s I got a pukka pad with 400 lined pages for (£1.50) which is really pretty pink. I got 10 pencils for 50p,✏️ two rubbers for 69p a pink one A green one and loads of coloured ball point pens for £1.50 and some black gel pens for £1.50.


From Asda I got the pointless book kit (by Alfie deyes) which has a pointless bag and both his books, for only £6 which was great value I think ! 💸
From tesco’s I got David Williams worst children in the world which is hilarious I was legit literally laughing in bed.


I’m a sucker for a good film and I’ve watched one everyday for four days straight now and I bought a few (too many) films in tesco’s I got:
•The maze runner, scorch trails £7
•pitch perfect 1 and 2 for £6
•Alice in wonderland for £3🌺
•hunger games mocking jay part 2 £7

random; 💡

I got a mermaid tail from Amazon for £17 which I’m so excited for, I got a pair of pastel pink fake converses 👟from sports direct for £6. Lastly I got some dreamiest for my cat for £1

I’m so sorry it’s such a long post but I hope you enjoyed it. 💗As always I’ll see you all in my next Post. Bye-bye !
Millie x


  1. I hope you’re having great time in my country too! You’ve bought a lot of stuff! I would definitely recommend going into a charity shop, you can find a lot of interesting things there. Also, you may need an umbrella today, the weather isn’t looking so good 😂. Lilly xx


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