Autumn tag

Sup everyone 👅 
So I thought I’d invent a tag as I’m on a train with a huge stuffed frog (see my recent post to find out why) and I’ve got nothing better to do so I’ve decided I’d start a tag! For this I nominate , , and and anyone else who wants to do it! The questions are:

How many PSLs have you had this year already ?

One and I really loved it! I’m totally in love and I’m going to maybe do a recipe on them because I can’t afford Starbucks too often! 

What’s your go to autumn outfit?

I really like (fake) ugg boots, tights, a skirt with a white tucked in top and a plaid shirt, or a hoodie and leggings. Obviously all paired with a beanie! I started wearing mine on the second of September… 

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Yeah! It’s my favorite time of the year (bar Christmas) it’s so fun and exciting. And you get loads of free chocolate and sweets! I’m one of those people who gets ready for Halloween way too early and has a map of where we go and loads of tips and tricks on how to get loads of extra sweets, who would like to see a blogposts on that? Comment below!

What are your favorite things about autumn? 

PSL, cinnamon scented candles, plaid shirts, Cosy blankets, hoodies, the leaves that fall, Halloween, warm dinners, thunderstorms, early darkness, nearly Christmas, hot chocolates, the colors, the sales, the warmth, and obviously fires and I’m a celebrity get me out of here! 

Cinnamon or ginger?

I love cinnamon a lot more than ginger, it’s a taste and smell that reminds me of autumn, I try to save my cinnamon candles for autumn so I only associate the smell with the season. 

Would you rather have autumn in a warm or cold country?

I honestly like being cold during September and October and November, it’s so cosy to wear mittens, hoodies, scarves and BEANIES! I’m so excited for the cold weather to come. 

What month is the most autumnal? 

October, you’re full in and they’re Halloween, September feels like summer and November Feels like Christmas. October is just the best month of the year (with August and December) I’m so impatient for October!

Well I hope you liked that tag, and I nominate you! Please do it if you want to and don’t forget to tag more people! Love you and I hope you liked this post! See you soon, Millie xx 

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