My night time routine 

Sup everyone 👅 Today I’m going to run you through what I do before bed, obviously this varies thought the year and week. The first thing I’ll do is pack my bag for the next day and look through my Pinterest outfit boards and see what I might want to wear. Then I’ll brush my hair and maybe plait it (If I’m feeling productive). Next I’ll move onto skincare and using the Superdrug own brand face wash to take off my makeup and cleanse my face, it’s very gentle and doesn’t sting your eyes, then I’ll scrub it using the clearista gel with the face wash still on my face, the I dunce it all off. Depending on what I get sent to review or what I’ve got on hand, this will vary. Next I’ll apply some clearisil face wipes to reduce my pimples, next I moisturize my face using the cien soft on, and then hydrate my body using zoella’s sweet temptations body lotion or soap and glory’s smoothie star. Then I’ll apply some hand cream and lip balm, I use the aveo ones. And hop into bed, I’ll read my devotional and bible for a while and then I’ll turn on my kindle and read until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

 if you liked this post then I’ll do a morning routine! Love you and i hope you liked this post! See you all soon 

Millie xx

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