Things to do when you’re bored on a plane

Sup everyone 👅 

So when I was writing this I actually was bored on an airplane so I thought I’d share some of the things you can do that actually work to kill your boredom. Some might get you kicked off the flight so use with caution, I take no responsibility. Here are some things you can do;

* look out the window

* Look at the magazines

* Write a blogpost on notes like I’m doing now

* Write a list of things to do on a flight when you’re bored

* Write a bucket list

* Eat

* Read

* Draw

* Listen to music 

* Order food 

* Make friends 

* Sleep

* Daydream 

* Play a game of metaphysical hide and seek (imagine you’re in the goblet of fire for example. Make your friends guess by using yes/no questions)

* Eavesdrop on other people’s conversations

* Have a conversation 

* Slowly annoy the person next to you.

* Slowly annoy the people in front and behind you.

* Paint your nails 

* Lick the person next to you 

* Scare one of your friends 

* Plan things like future trips 

* Go to the toilet 

* Meditate in the aisle until you’re kindly asked to sit back down by one of the cabin crew.

* Take pictures

* Play pictionnary 

* Plait your hair  

I hope this list helps you in future. As always, I love you and I can’t wait to see you in my next post 

Millie x

Ps thanks Nicky for the pic x 

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