Blogger mail #2

Sup everyone 👅 
Today I’m going to be doing the second post in this series where I show you and review what I’ve been sent by companies to review. Everything I’ve been sent has been free of charge but that won’t affect my review. I’ll give you my honest opinion as always so let’s get started;

The first brand is clearista you can find their link Here they kindly sent me a full sized face gel exfoliator and two minis to give to my friends. So many of you wanted them but I could only give the two away. I use this most nights to scrub off any dead skin cells and I’m really liking it, the consistency is nice and not too runny. It leaves my skin feeling soft. I would totally recommend this product. 

The next brand was ice style accessories and their link is Here, they kindly sent me a lovely phone case for my iPhone SE, they have loads of choice and sizes. They’ve also sent me a screen protector which is perfect for someone clumsy like me who’s always dropping her phone! And a cable protector which prevents your charger from breaking, also an amazing thing for me to protect my cable and make sure no one in my family steals it. 

The last brand was nurbestende and their link is Here I’ve received things from them in the past and I was not disappointed when my second parcel arrived! They sent me a lovely necklace which loads of people always ask me about! A blush which is a lovely baby pink color ur, it adds a Barbie kind of glow to my skin! They also sent me a matte liquid lipstick which is so long-lasting, I absolutely love the shade and I think it’s a great matte lipstick. The last thing they sent me was a blue sparkly lipstick/lip balm which changes colour according to your skin tone, it’s very nice and moisturising and it’s a fun product, it’s the perfect everyday colour. 

So thanks so much to every company that has kindly sent me these items! Thanks for reading, I love you all and I’ll see you in my next post !

Millie xx 

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