Autumn bucket list 

Sup everyone 👅 
So today I thought I’d write a bucket list of things you / I might want to do during autumn/fall. I did this for summer and I think you all enjoyed it so I was like why not do again? Since it’s October and we’re all in the autumn vibes let’s just get started!

* Drink a PSL (done but I need more)

* Make a PSL at home 

* Buy and light a cinnamon scented candle

* DIY loads with nature (leaves, pinecones…)

* Carve a pumpkin 

* Go trick or treating

* Make toffee/caramel apples 

* Jump into piles of leaves

* Wear dark nail polish and lipsticks 

* Watch loads of Halloween movies 

* Roast pumpkin seeds

* Make loads of apple and cinnamon flavoured bakes

* Take autumnal pics

* Wear scarves and boots

* Have my first Autumn bath bomb lush bath 

* Make a bonfire and eat smores

* Spend way too much time on Pinterest 

* Read by the fire

* Snuggle up with hot chocolate

* Decorate everything fall related 

* Make a wreath

* Go star gazing 

* Dress up my cat for Halloween

* Get new Autumn makeup

* Start learning all the words to the Christmas carols 

* Have a Halloween themed party

* Wrap up warm and snuggle

* Write a short Halloween story blogpost 

* Get my nails done a super autumnal colour 

* Go shopping for beanies 

* Wear bedsocks sneakily under my boots

* Read some new books

* Deep condition my hair 

Thats all I can think of for the moment! Have an amazing Autumn, as always I love you all and I can’t wait to see you in my next autumnal post 

Millie xx

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