Vidnac product reviews || ad

Sup everyone 👅

So I got kindly send these products from vidnac beauty I’ll leave the link here so go check them out because they sent me some amazing items that I think you’ll all really enjoy too! I got sent two perfume samples one called Vidalls and one called vidnac and my mum absolutely loves vidnac but I am obsessed eith with vidnac’s fruity smell! I guess it’s just each to their own but my mum is going to purchase the full sized version! They also very kindly sent me a full version of their anti acne facial cleanser serum, it does wonders for your skin and whenever I use this I see a difference in the clearness of my skin so I would highly recommend that sorry for such a rambling on post but I hope you enjoy this as always I love you all thank you for viewing, you guys are the best I love you so much see you on my next post

Millie xx

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