My testimony 

Sup everyone 👅
Today I thought I’d share something a bit different; as you may or may not know, I’m a Christian and I’m getting confirmed on sunday so I thought to myself what a great time to share the story of it all came to be! Enjoy…

So I was christened as a baby and I started going to church when I was really young, but I just stopped coming and that lasted for quite a while, I remember every week my best friend Abi used to ask me if I was going to come to church but I never did. My excuse was ‘I’ll see if I’m awake’ and being me I obviously wasn’t. But Abi, bless her, she never gives up, every week she kept asking me if i would come, so I started feeling more and more guilty about not going so I think I went once or twice, then i think I turned old enough to go to place to be. I remember being really nervous the first time but then I met Viktoria and Louisa and all of the gang and they said they were going to be at the core weekend away so I decided to go and things sort of changed from then on; my eyes were opened and I found out about jesus’ love and I started reading daily devotions which I finished two books of earlier this year. Anyway core weekend was amazing but with these things, you always make promises to yourself that you never keep such as not fighting with your brother or reading the bible everyday. I clearly remember the drive home from the weekend away as soon as we’d dropped off george (abi’s brother) I plucked up the courage to say to my mum that I wanted to start going to church. From then on I tried to go more often. Then Project Compassion -a mission trip to Croatia to help the poor- rolled around and it was something I’d really wanted to do for a few years when they did a presentation about it at place to be – a youth group organized by the church on Sundays- a year or two before, it was an amazing experience and I got to make loads of new friendships and strengthen a few too. We talked about faith quite a bit then and I think the spark Abi had put in me that grew over the core weekend away then became a flame at PC. The fire only started burning at soul survivor when I felt the Lord’s presence for the first time. I changed as a Christian on that fantastic week. Now when my mum told me about the confirmation that was happening in November I felt like I just had to do it, almost as if it were a sin not to. Obviously that’s not the case but it seems liked the right thing to do and the right time. 

So there you have it! My testimony. I hope you enjoyed this post and that I might of maybe planted a spark in you too, feel free to ask questions down below and I’ll try and answer them as best as I can 

Millie xx


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