On the road thoughts | I’m writing a book? Philosophical questions and locking doors 

Sup everyone 👅
Right now I’m on my way to France for a random holiday at center parks, I’m pmy YouTube channel. And I only just remembered that I forgot to upload a blogpost today (haha I remembered that I forgot great oxymors I know) but the idea just came to me: what things do you think about on a long drive? Tell me in the comments. So I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I’m thinking of, so enjoy a glimpse into my way-too-complicated-that-even-I-often-don’t-understand-teenage-girl-brain;

I’m listening to music (stereotypical I know) and trying to figure out what the lyrics might mean (how philosophical of me) but mainly just get some good Instagram captions (hehe) I’ve got a playlist I’m listening to right now and it has such diverse songs! Some are hipster tunes, (because you’re reading a hipstaaaa blog) others are sick rock jams, (hum hum shoutout to my metal head friend) the random old song (hello to the ’90) and some Christian beats as well! (Hi Jonny!)

I’ve locked my door cos I’m quite unpredictable, nah I’m just really dumb and I’d rather be safe than sorry aka on the floor of a motorway. (It’s just a weird thing I like to do in case)

It’s thanksgiving today and I’m thinking of all the people who I’m thankful for (including you because it’s thanks to you I’m writing this down, you’ve impacted my life so much and I mean it x) 

I’m also thinking about all the movies I’ve been watching recently, do you ever watch a movie and can’t get it out of your head? It just stays and touches you, it makes you almost be in the movie? I’m not sure how to explain this so I hope you understand… I’ll probably upload a review on some new movies I’ve watched recently (there have been waaaay too many for 14 days)

If you didn’t already know, then now you do; I’m currently in the middle of writing an ebook that should be available before Christmas! It’s called my pastel book !Yaaaay it’s got so many interesting subjects in it and I’m soooo excited for you to read it. 

I’m also looking at the cars coming in the other direction, I’m wondering what they’re up to and if they even acknowledge my existence, probably not! But it’s kinda cool to think that I’m invisible to all these people who can see me if they want to. Kinda crazy but awesome at the same time. 

Anyways I’m sorry this is such a random post, tell me if you enjoyed it and want to be able to read my thoughts more often 😉 

Have a lovely weekend, as always I love you and thanks a lot for reading. See you in my next post. Lipstick stained kisses 

Millie xx


  1. Hmm, what to do on a long car journey:
    -watch a movie/TV show
    -listen to music
    -take a notepad to doodle in and write ideas for posts books and just random stuff
    -go on your shine and do random stuff/download random apps then decide if they are good enough and worthy for your phone!

    I hope these things help and kill the time a bit!! 😎⏳ -Ffion xx

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