Blogmas day 3; Deck the halls decorations and DIYs 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
Welcome back to blogmas day 3, today I’m going to be showing your our Christmas decorations AND doing a few DIYs as well! With every post, Christmas is getting closer! I’m sooooooooo excited, yesterday we put up our Christmas decorations and I thought I’d share a few pics with you. Tell me below whether your Christmas tree is real or fake, ours is fake. We spray it with spruce spray so that it smells like a real one though! Enjoy the pics;

Now let’s move on to some DIYs:

The first one is a start made out of wire! I think the pics are quite self explanatory.

Next up are a few garlands one of them made out of bows and the other one is out of pasta.

Next up is a mini wreath which is so cute and I love the way it turned out:

Next is a phone case, I put ‘let it snow’ with some snowflakes on mine but you could put anything you want on yours.

I hope you liked this post, see you tomorrow for blogmas day 4!!! I love you all so much! Sending you over Christmas red lipstick stained kisses 

Millie xx 



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  1. I love the wreath idea. Happy Blogging! xx


  2. CHRISTMAS IS SOO NEAR!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! These DIYs look so cool!! X

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