Blogmas day 8; the Christmas question tag collab

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
My my blogging friend sunset and snow drops which you can find her link here and I decided to do some Christmas question tags so for this I’m going to nominate some of my blogging friends so I nominate anonymous teen blog and I also nominate life as Freya Sofia. so we came up with this concept that we would each ask each other stuff series of 5 to 7 Christmas questions and then take some people to do as well so if you are nominated or want to do this tag too then  make sure to go and ask some of your blogging friends some questions and get them to ask you some too I think this is an amazing idea hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out sunset and snowdrops blog as well. These are her questions to me if you want to see my questions to her then go check out her post.
•Favourite Christmas song?

I made a blog post about my top Christmas favourite songs, so you can go check that out too. I honestly don’t think I could pick one favourite Christmas song but some of my favourites have got to be ‘walking in a winter wonderland’ or ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ or probably ‘baby it’s cold outside’ ‘all I want for Christmas is you’ is a staple for everybody I think.

•Any traditions that you celebrate

on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day?
Well where I live people usually celebrate Christmas on the 24th which to me is absolutely nonsense, I celebrate on the 25th but they have this Christmas market so I like to go there every year usually we go on the Christmas big wheel. it’s kind of a tradition. a staple for us is that we usually up wait for everybody to be awake and then we go downstairs and open the presents or at least like the ones for mum and dad and then will eat Christmas dinner, then in the afternoon will probably watch Charlie and the chocolate factory. Play some charades and just generally have such a good time with lots of Christmas music
•Favourite Christmas food?

Where I live a Sunday roast is very very rare we don’t have it that often so that really sucks so one thing I really like about Christmas food is the stuffing but my favourite is 100% mince pies since October I have been literally eating them non-stop I think I’ve gone through three packets oops
•Favourite thing about Christmas?

My favourite thing about Christmas now let’s get started So I have been counting down for Christmas since 120 something days I am OCD -> obsessive Christmas disorder. I didn’t let anybody properly help me put up the Christmas tree and I did all that myself but my favourite thing about Christmas is the music, the food, the holiday cheer, buying presents for people. I love that I’m gonna be doing a gift guide soon so make sure you are following me to be able to see that because I don’t want you to miss out on any of my blog posts for blogmas. I hope you guys are all enjoying them so yeah. my favourite thing about Christmas is Christmas sorry for being blunt.

•What do you do to get excited for Christmas?

I feel like like this question goes hand in hand with the one I have just answered I get excited for Christmas from Boxing Day and I just got excited for everything for being able to wear bright red lipstick and not having people look you up and down, for the gingerbread scents for the candy canes for coming downstairs and seeing a Christmas tree with loads of Christmas lights on it, for everybody singing carols and just generally everyone been really happy and you know love Christmas so much it’s an addiction.

So I hope you all enjoyed this post make sure to do it yourself give it a go have a great time, have a merry Christmas as you already know I love Christmas! I love you all so much make sure to be have to be here for blogmas day 10 tomorrow we’re moving into double digits, was just about to publish this just having my final little re-through to make sure everything is right and I realised tomorrow is day nine I’m getting way too ahead of myself as you can tell I’m way too overexcited for Christmas I will see you tomorrow for blogmas day nine . I’m so excited yeah I’m sending you over Christmas red lipstick stained kisses as I do every single day

Millie xx


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