Blogmas day 9; gift guide collab 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
Welcome back to blogmas day 9, can you believe that with moving into double digits tomorrow! Since Christmas is approaching; my friend Freya Sophia and I teamed up to produce this blog post for you. We all going to be sharing a few things that we think would be appropriate to give to some of your friends, so I’ve only got a few gifts today because I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet but here are a few things that I got my friends and I think yours would like too! I know i would be pleased to receive any of these gifts.

The first one is a limited edition Christmas scented hand cream. this was really cheap and it would be great as a stocking filler or part of a present, I know my friends that love handcream because we share mine every single day at school.

The next gift is a bath bomb and I saw this when I was just walking through the shop the other day, and I was like I need that for my friends. It’s in the shape of a gingerbread Man and it’s a gingerbread scented bath bomb how cute is that?! I think it smells great and I most people would enjoy this in the bath.

The next thing is more of a category than a specific item: a lip balm or moisturizing lip stick… whatever you think your friends would enjoy, the colors that they would like that you could choose especially for them that would suit them I think this is a great idea so that they can try something new from the make up department that you would recommend.

The next thing kind of goes hand-in-hand with the bathbomb I mentioned earlier this is Zoe Suggs Fizz bar. I love the idea of giving pampering products because you don’t necessarily buy them feel self and it’s a lovely thing to receive especially around Christmas time when it’s cold outside, so you taking more and more warm baths. it’s lovely to have something to put in and it will make your bath smell amazing.

Again the next one is not really a specific item it’s just a category ;sweets I mean who doesn’t like receiving food ?! If it’s chocolate favorite kind of sweet, bubblegum or a candycane anything like that I know is super appreciated because who doesn’t love a good piece of candy.

Lastly but definitely not the least, a candle! This one is a cinnamon scented one which is perfect for this time of year of course! 

So I hope you’ll really enjoyed this post make sure to go check out Freya Sophia’s blog as well because she’s doing a gift guide too, if you need any more inspiration you can go find it there as always I love you very much, I’ll see you in my next post: blogmas day 10 tomorrow… we’re hitting the double digits, yay !see you then and again I’m sending you over more Christmas red stained lipstick kisses! 

Millie xx


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