Blogmas day 11; best Christmas red lipsticks 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
And welcome to blogmas day 11 ! Only a few more days till Christmas yaaay! Today i’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite red lip products for Christmas time! Everyone needs a bright cherry red lip around this time of year so let’s begin.

1. The first ones are from essence. I’ve got three shades depending on what kind of red you’re looking for. If you need a bright coral red then shade 02 ‘all you need is red’ is for you. But if you want a slightly pinker and deeper red then I think shade 03 ‘dare to wear’ might be more for you. The last one is a matte one and it’s a gorgeous Christmas vibrant red. I’d recommend the essence lipsticks because they’re very pigmented and moisturising but they only last a few hours so you might need to reapply. They’re super affordable and definitely worth the price.

 2.The next ones are also from essence but they’re a different type of product; these are called the velvet lip sticks and the formula is really creamy and pigmented and more long lasting. I’ve done a REVIEW of them that you can go check out if you want. They have these in glossy and matte but I’ve only tested out the matte ones and I really like them. They don’t have shade numbers or names (at least not on mine) 

3. My last recommendation is this rimmle lipstick in the shade… it’s very pigmented and glossy. The colour is a lovely cherry red which I really like, out of all the lip products this is the most expensive but it’s still an amazing price. I think its only downside is the smudginess. 

Thanks all for reading, join me tomorrow for blogmas day 12!! Love you all lots and I’m sending you over Christmas red lipstick stained kisses

Millie xx


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