Blogmas day 13; Christmas quotes 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
Welcome back to the Christmas Countdown on my blog! Today I’m going to be sharing some good Christmas quotes, enjoy! 
We’re all like snowflakes, all different in our own beautiful way. 

Make it a December to remember.
It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree but who’s around it that counts.

Christmas isn’t a season it’s a feeling.

The best way to spread Christmas spirit is to sing it loud and clear for all to hear.
Santa, I can explain… but first; how much do you already know?

Meet me under the mistletoe.

One of the most glorious of all the messes is the one that can be found on the floor on Christmas Day.
The magic of Christmas isn’t the presents but His presence.

Christmas; noun. The only time of the year when it’s acceptable to eat candy out of socks in front of a dead tree. 
Christmas begins with Christ.

If you don’t have Christmas in your heart then you won’t find it under the tree.
Santa saw your Instagram pics and you’re getting clothes and a bible.

Sweet but twisted, does that make me a candycane?!
True love was born in a stable…

Jesus is the reason for the season.
Thanks so much for reading and make sure you’re here tomorrow for blogmas day 14! As always I love you lots and I’m sending you over Christmas red lip stick stained kisses 

Millie xx


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