Blogmas day 14; 3 hot chocolate variations

 Sup everyone 🎅🏻

I hope you can agree with me that Christmas is generally cold (apart from Australia…) but in the U.K. And where I am too. When it’s cold, I like to snuggle up in warm blankets, watch movies, be on my phone, watch YouTube, read… and when it’s cold you like to warm up and one of the best ways to do so I hope we can all agree is by drinking hot chocolate. This warm beverage is good as it is, but you can add other things in it or change it up. Here are my top ways to spice it up for Christmas.

My first variation is to make it salted caramel flavour. Simply add in some salted caramel extract (I got mine from sainsburys or tescos) and a pinch of salt. This tastes sooo good! 

The second way is not for me but Lots of you seemed to recommend this; sprinkling in some cinnamon. Why not?

The last way is the most festive I’d say: candy cane hot chocolate, you can achieve this two different ways. Either by stirring your candy and into it (I didn’t have a candy cane) or by adding some peppermint extract in to it. 

If you prefer white chocolate then go to town. Add whipped cream, marshmallows, a flake, grated chocolate, fudge, candy cane snaps… feel free to make it yours. Obviously put it in a festive mug if you’ve got one lying around. And snap some fantastic Insta pics or make your friends jealous on Snapchat. Hihihi, sorry guys…

Thanks all so much for reading, im currently outside typing this and my fingers are sooo cold. See you tomorrow for blogmas day 15! Yaaaay can you believe it’s already been two weeks since I started this ?! Sending you over more Christmas PURPLE lipstick stained kisses (feeling daring with my lip Choice today) 

Millie xx


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