Blogmas day 15; diy gift peppermint scrub 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻 
Welcome back to blogmas day 15 !! today I thought I would show you a really easy last minute Christmas diy present. I think lots of people would enjoy receiving this, as it’s very useful and it’s super simple to make. I think it smells so Christmasy and looks great too! 

 what you’ll need is;

some sugar 

some salt 

container (glass jar…) 

red/green food coloring 

some oil you could use coconut but I’m just using olive oil 

peppermint extract 

and obviously something to mix it in 
the first thing you want to do is divide your salt and sugar into three bowls. 

Then you want to add in the olive oil and extract of peppermint and your colours.

 next you just want to layer it in your glass jar or whatever you going to be giving it or storing it in  keeping and I decided to do a candycane inspired pattern, but you can do it however you like

I hope you enjoy this post and if you give it ago don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @mypastelpage as always I love you all lots and I’ll see you tomorrow for blogmas day 16 woo !! sending you over lots and lots of Christmas red lipstick stained kisses

Millie xx


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