Blogmas day 16; easy to read rainbow book stack || collab

Sup everyone 🎅🏻 
and welcome back to blogmas day 16. This blogpost is a collaboration with my great friend A day in the life of the anonymous me and it was her idea to do a rainbow book stack post! 

If I’m honest with you I usually read on my kindle so it was hard to find a rainbow set of books, I got there in the end though! Most of them are David Walliams books. They are really good tho, an easy and fast read for Christmas time and they would make great gifts. I’ve read all his books and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. The other books are by zoella who is a really talented writer as well. I can’t wait to pick up girl online going solo! The last author is Lindsey kelk. She is lovely and her books are just so gorgeous, im nearly finished my 10/12th of her amazing books. I’ve got all of them on my kindle but I thought I’d add them in anyways. 

Here are the books;

RED; David walliams ‘gangsta granny’ (also a film)

ORANGE David walliams ‘the boy in the dress’ (also a film)

YELLOW David walliams ‘mr stink’ (also a film)

LIGHT BLUE zoella aka zoey sugg girl online 

BRIGHT BLUE David walliams 

PINK AND BLUE Lindsey Kelk I heart… series this one is I heart New York. I also love the about a girl series and we were on a break.

PURPLE zoella aka zoey sugg girl online ‘on tour’ (the second book of the trilogy)

Thanks all for reading, I’ll see you very soon in my next blogmas day 17 post! Don’t forget to check out A day in the life of the anonymous me post and send her as many Christmas red lipstick stained kisses as I send you 


PS go check out my new YouTube video


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