Blogmas day 17; unplanned post; what the Christmas spirit is all about

Sup everyone 🎅🏻 
And welcome back to blogmas day 17. As you may of read by the title; is an unplanned post. I’m quite lazy so I planned everything but then forgot to plan this post in time… but I luckily found a topic! This post is going to be about sharing your time and helping others by putting their needs before yours. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, everyone just seems jollier and happier. I love helping people out, humanitarian aid is so much fun! They recently opened up a refugee camp nearby. It’s a few minutes walk from our house and the other day we helped put up a Christmas tree with the lads. It was so much fun for them AND for us! My best moment was seeing them all smiling, they came from harsh backgrounds but they are still some of the most polite guys we’ve ever met. They held doors for us, shook our hands and said a huge thanks. It was just such a great time with them. We only went for half an hour but it’s great to give any of your time as you can see it’s really appreciated, and such fun for you too. This is something we all can do, it doesn’t cost you anything and it pays you and them back in such a great way. So please do something nice for someone else this Christmas. Even if you don’t have a refugee center, you can give bread to a homeless person or any small act of kindness is always greatly appreciated. 

Here’s a pic of the Christmas tree we put up with them. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it inspired you to go and help someone out! Thanks all for reading, I’ll see you very soon in my next blogmas day 1& post! Im sending you as many Christmas red lipstick stained kisses as I can 

Millie xx 


  1. Buenas. Me ha deleitado analizar tu ensayo. Me ha afinado una explicación muy cautivadora, mas, en algunos temas difiero
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    Te congratulo por tu página web. Un entrañable saludo.

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