Blogmas day 21; baking collab 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻 

Welcome back to blogmas day 21! Can you believe it’s already so close to Christmas!!! Today I’m going to be sharing some amazing Christmas baking recipes with you! Don’t forget to check out anonymous teen blog’s recipes as well! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to prepare anything but I’ll link as much as i can. 

My Gingerbread recipe I had so much fun baking this (home alone with a UE boom and some Christmas music blaring throughout the house, dancing along with a broom! Livin’ the dream) and it tasted sooo good! 

My Candy cane pieces recipe Also tasted good in hot chocolates or grated on top of mini muffins 😉 

My Mince pie recipe all I really need to say here is who doesn’t love a good mince pie (apart from you abi!) 

My Mini muffin recipe. Frost these nicely with some seasonnal icing and ginger flavouring and they’re perfect for a Christmas party. 

My Flapjack recipe! You could easily make this festive with some red and green icing over the top and some cinnamon inside! 

Please don’t forget to check out anonymous teen blog’s post, give her lots and lots of Christmas red lipstick stained kisses from me 

Millie xx

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