Blogmas day 22; 10 Things I love about Christmas 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
I’m currently in the train and I just remebered that I forgot to upload a blogpost yesterday! So sorry. Today is my first day of the holidays and I woke up early to go to the city and cook food for some less fortunate people and make them food bags. I missed my train so I went to get bubble tea then I stood outside on the platform for a while and my fingers are so cold, so sorry for any typos that may occur. Here let’s get right into the list of things I love about Christmas 

1. Music, atmosphere and decorations that ft people into the Christmas spirit 

2. Movies, watching love actually with a box of heros chocolates and wrapped up in a blanket. 

3. Which brings me to my next point; wrapping, the other day I spent the whole afternoon wrapping presents. No joke; from 3-6 I was busy with the paper and string and cello tape. 

4. Layers and layers of clothes, warm hoodies and Christmas jumpers, beanies and warm mittens to keep your freezing fingers toasty warm. (Don’t tell anyone but I wear fluffy bed socks to school in the winter) 

5. Gingerbread and lovely scents. A cinnamon candle burning in the living room and spruce spray on the tree. 

6. Bubble baths, as nice as these are all year round, I always enjoy them more in the winter and around Christmas especially with lush bringing out their Christmas range.

7. Giving, I love giving my time and gifts to people in need and friends. Christmas is such a nice time for strengthening your relationships with friends.

8. First snow, we had ours back a while ago but it melted fast, such a shame… 

9. the Christmas markets. We have a great one in our nearest town and I went down to it a few times, it just puts you into the Christmas feel.

10. Baking! I love this all year round but as I’ve mentioned before; there’s really nothing like making gingerbread alone dancing with your broom to the sweet festive tunes your (brothers) UE boom is providing. And your house will smell soooo lovely!

I’m sorry this post is late, I hope you enjoyed it! See you tomorrow for the last day of blogmas and tonight for another post! Sending you over love and Christmas red lip stick stained kisses 

Millie xx

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