Blogmas day 23: New Years resolutions 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
I hope you’re all in the Christmas spirit! I’m sooooo excited, I’ve been waiting for so long now! 

Anyways since 2017 is just around the corner i thought I’d share some of my New Years resolutions with you! Make sure to tell me down below what your n1 resolution is. Enjoy!

1. The classic ‘drink more water’ one haha, every year. Am I right? 

2. Be more organized, this will be hard for me!

3. Accessorize more, I feel like a necklace can make you look like a lot of effort has gone into your outfit! 

4. Watch more movies. I’ve recently been watching loads of movies and I’m really enjoying it 

5. Keep up to date with my blog and make it as consistent as I possibly can

6. Spend more time on my skincare as it’s very important and your makeup will look better and stay longer.

7. Exercise more often. The hardest part is getting out but I always enjoy it durning and after.

8. Read the bible more, even if it’s just a tiny passage, it’s better than nothing and I’ll enjoy it, it’ll also come in helpful.

9. Post more on my Instagram accounts; @mypastelpage @mypastelphotographer

10. Keep up to date with posting YouTube videos on my channel. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, make sure you tell me in the comments below what your New Years resolutions are! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve?! It’s gone by super fast as every year. Sending you over a stocking full of Christmas red lip stick stained kisses 

Millie xx


  1. I feel it’s best to have only three resolutions, but each to threnown. Mine are
    1. To eat less chocolate (although it probably won’t last!)
    2. Treat myself more
    3. I don’t have one

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