Blogmas day 24; Christmas beauty favorites 

Sup everyone 🎅🏻
Welcome back to the last day of blogmas! So sad, I hope you have all enjoyed it, make sure to tell me what your favourite post of mine was. I’ll go back to posting on Thursdays and Sundays again after this post. Let’s get into it. 

1. Red/purple lipsticks. Almost every day since the countdown to Christmas I’ve been wearing either a red lipstick (wrote a blogpost about my fave drugstore ones) or purple lipstick! 

2. Draping, which was new to me but I’ve been really enjoying this technique a lot! It’s basically contouring with blush. Sounds crazy but it actually gives the skin a nice and glowey and awake effect which looks great around this time of the year with a dark pink, plum shade of blush but also could be great with a lighter peachy coloured blush in spring. 

3. Gold glittery eyeshadow, I’ve been loving the maybelline colour tattoos again. The shade I’ve been wearing is eternal gold. 

4. Hand cream, my friends and I have been going through zoella’s ginger cream in math class. Everyone loves it including me! 

5. Coconut oil, it’s not the first time I’ve tried coconut oil but I’ve been using it a lot more frequently as a moisturiser and deep conditioner or even cuticle oil.

6. This could be debatable if it’s beauty related or not but I’ve been lighting candles more often. Especially cinnamon scented ones.

7. Bubble baths, so relaxing and warm for the winter.

I hope you all enjoyed the final post of blogmas, have a very lovely Christmas! I’ll see you soon! Love you lots and I’m so thankful for each and everyone of you. Sending you over a last set of Christmas red lip stick stained kisses 

Millie xx


  1. Sad times that Blogmas is ending 😦 but I hope you had a good Christmas! Are you going to be doing a post on what you got, I feel I wood enjoy one of those 🙂 but its your choice 🙂
    -Ffion xxx

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