5 ways to de-stress and relax

Sup everyone đź‘… Welcome back to another one of my blogposts. Today I’ll be sharing some of my favourite ways to relax. Relaxing is cheap, and great for you. It doesn’t have to be planned, usually it’s even spontaneous. Just remember keep it simple and remember the essential oils. Let’s hop right into it;

1. Having a bubble bath, with some candles a book, YouTube or some music. You could even apply a face mask. Just laying there and having some me time is always good and relaxing.

2. Getting cosy. With a throw, some fairy lights or candles. Watching TV with a snack. Or painting your nails, doing some blogging or catching up on social media. Scrolling though your Pinterest feed is always a great way to de-stress.

3. Pampering yourself. This is one of the calmest things you can do. Whether it’s applying lotion of going the full way by steaming and applying a face mask, it’s up to you. My one recommendation to relax is to use lavender oil which is is anti stress and very calming. 

4. Baking. This can be controversial and some people might imagine this as something where the smoke detector goes off and you open the oven to a burnt cake. But I would highly recommend making cookies that you can then stuff your face with! Think about that; a warm and gooey cookie with your feet up…

5. Listen to music. Not necessarily spa type songs but a soothing song while you lay on your bed with your eyes closed can feel so great. 

Please share down below in the comments what some of your top ways to relax are as I’d love to read them! Hope you’re all having a great start to 2017. I deffo am! I love you all so much and a huge thank you for reading. As always I’ll see you in my next post. Sending you BLUE lipstick stained kisses (yes you heard right) 

Millie xx


  1. I like to lie down on my bed, blogging or reading other people’s books, listening to music or an audio book, reading a good book and watching YouTube. Also making a A den and snuggling up in it with a good hot chocolate! Sorry for the big essay I have written! Great post as always! -Ffion xxx

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