January favourites 

Sup everyone 👅 Today I’m going to be telling you about some of my favorite things this January since it’s coming to an end already! Make sure to tell me what some of your favorites were this month too because I’d love to hear all about them! 

🎀 knee high socks, I bought a pair of these in the sales and have been constantly wearing them ever since! 

💓liquid lipsticks, I’ve always liked them but have only just been using them a lot, I made a whole YouTube video about them so make sure to check that out.

👅reading, I’m a big bookworm and i ho through phases where I devour books or just read nothing and right now I’ve been really enjoying it again. Especially a new book I read which was called the woman who stole my life.

💕getting organized, I actually enjoy being organized but I’m not very good at it so any tips are welcome down below in the comments.

👄 going out with friends, I’ve always liked doing this but didn’t do very much but now it’s becoming something I’m able to do more and I really enjoy it! 

👛 bubble baths, as much as these are lovely all year round, there’s nothing like a warm dip in the tub when you get back from a cold and tiring day at school. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, make sure you’re following down below to never miss another post again (if you’ve got an email address then do it!) love you all lots and I’ll see you soon. Sending you liquid lipstick stained kisses

Millie xx


  1. My favourites are
    •relaxing and watching YouTube
    •reading and writing
    •doing the above while lying on the floor
    And that’s it. As always, love you blog and this post!
    ~Ffion xxx

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