My advice on keeping your resolutions and staying organised


Sup everyone 👅 Welcome back to a new post that I hope will help you or just motivate you, today I’ll be talking to you about how I like to be more organised and trying to stick to my New Years resolutions. I did a post on this which you can find Here. So far I’ve worked out a bit, be more organised, spent more time on my skincare, read the bible more, and tried harder on my blog and my  Instagram account. I really enjoy my resolutions and so far I’ve kept most of them! Here are my tips and tricks;

🏁 prep in advance, I like to plan what posts I’ll upload and when I’ll post them. I also like to take my pictures and note out ideas on a blank piece of paper, like a bullet point list.

🏁 routine, having a time that you dedicate to doing your resolution or planning things.

🏁 don’t procrastinate, she says writing this 20 Minutes late… might have to work on this one!

🏁 tidy, the most motivational thing is having a clear place which makes your mind clear and more likely to actually accomplish your goals.

🏁 make lists, I really enjoy writing down things on a blank piece of paper. I’m not sure why but I just find this super satisfying and really helpful.

🏁 visualise it, Pinterest is the best for this, you can check out other people’s boards or make your own. I find this really fun and inspirational.

🏁 spend time off your phone to accomplish what you want to, unless it’s something you need to use it for, but taking time out for yourself.

🏁 don’t beat yourself up if you miss out a day or two or even if you decide that your goals are un achievable because you can lower them but never…

🏁 … give up! Set your goals to be more achievable but don’t let yourself down, keep going. It’ll feel better when you do accomplish them, work on what it is that you’re struggling with and you WILL get there!

🏁 enjoy them, there’s no point doing something pointless that you don’t even want to achieve.

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Millie xx


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