Empties, would I recommend/ repurchase?

Sup everyone šŸ„Welcome back to a new blogpost where I’ll be showing you some products I’ve used up, and telling you if they’re worth repurchasing. The first thing I have here is a lush face mask, I’ve talked about this many times before. It’s the mask of magnaminty. Not too keen on the smell but I absolutely love the way it tingles and cools your skin and the after effects of it are definitely worth it if you have acne prone or oily skin. 

I hope to buy another one soon when I go back to the uk as the lush here is so expensive. Also, if you bring back 5 empty pots you get a free mask! 

The next products were gifts to me from aurora one of my best friends, they’re the cottage shower gels in caramel and piƱa colada, which happen to be some of my favourite scents. 

I’m more of a bath than shower girl so these come in very useful if you want bunch of lovely smelling bubbles and lather up nicely as well! I’d highly recommend but I rarely repurchase a shower gel cos I like to try all the scents. 

The next one was in a party bag at my friend Nicole’s birthday, I used this up ages ago as it smells so nice, it’s the petit marseillais shower gel again in tangerine and lime which makes for an exotic bubble bath. Again I’m not a fan of repurchasing shower gels but if you want to try one then I’d recommend it as well! 

The next product is a body scrub by soap and glory. I’ve used up two, one of them I don’t have here but it’s the big tub of sugar crush which I am in love with. The grittiness on your skin and the Limey scent brings me back to the holiday in Thailand where I first purchased it. I also used up the travel size of flake away which is nice too with peach seeds in it. In the future I’ll most definitely repurchase the big sugar crush one but flake away was nothing special.

The last one is a hairspray sample of the Schwarzkopf ultra fix, it holds your hair in place but does make it quite tacky, I prefer to use dry shampoo to hairspray even through they’re different, they work practically the same! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you press the follow button down below if you liked this post and want to be updated very time I upload (on Thursdays and Sundays usually) you can do it by entering your email or WordPress account! Lots of love and sending you Carmex stained kisses (moisturizing my dry lips)

Millie xx


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