February favourites 

Sup everyone ✨ Welcome back to a new blogpost, I’m very sorry i haven’t been uploading recently. As you may or may not know, it was the holidays so I decided to take a small break but I’m back now and super organised as you can tell by this calendar I made! Anyways today I’ll be showing you some of my favourite things from February. 

1. Making lists and being organised, as above! Just is super relaxing to make and be able to have your thoughts and to-do’s down on paper!

2. Eyeliner, i think I’m getting better at it! I managed a whole week of eyeliner last week! They vary according to my mood, think, thick, bold, subtle…

3. Bold lip colours, with a classic winged eye it really makes a quick and simple makeup look, look put together! From blues to purple to vampy red, I’ve worn it all! 

4. Dark eyeshadow, usually quite smoky and with a blended crease is a staple in what I wear. You can do a good one with only a shades; dark for the outer V, transition shade for your crease, and a highlight for your inner corner and brow bone.

5. Music, as always…

6. Italian, i take this at school an recently I’ve been really enjoying studying (yes that happens sometimes) and actually going to class and learning!!!

7. Coffee, we had to write an autobiography for French class and it took me quite a while (especially on the day before it was due when I spent 8 hours straight from 16:00 – 24:00 doing it!) which meant I got reintroduced to coffee! I made a video on how I make my Starbucks caramel macchiato

8. Fashion, I have a very unique sense of style which you’d know if you’ve ever visited my outfit of the day Instagram account @mypastelstyle. I recently had such a good time filming a video which is my favorite one I’ve ever done! Please go check it out on here.

9. Pinterest, I love Pinterest all year round but I’ve currently been using it a lot more since I’m getting more into fashion and organizing! 

I hope you enjoyed this post I had such a good time making it! Please tell me down below what your favorite things this month have been because I love reading your comments ! Thank you so much for reading love you lots sending you lipstick stained kisses, 

Millie xx


  1. My favourites this month hve to be
    •reading I LOVE to read and I just finished reading Harry Potter and the half blood prince.
    •My friends they have all been soooo amazing this month (as always!)
    •I’ve been getting into Melanie Martinez and Fall out boy recently too
    I only have three favourites lol. I love your blog and your so good at it making posts! Xx

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