Running; advice, tips and pics

Sup everyone đź‘…

Today I just wanted to share some of my thoughts, tips, advice and pictures with you about running! It’s something I’ve always quite enjoyed but recently I’ve been getting back into more! I’m not an expert but I used to do triathlon training so hopefully I can share some my knowledge with you! If you have any tips I’ve left out then please leave them in the comments.

1. Eat and drink something before you go so some fruit, a smoothie, water or a yoghurt…

2. Plan a route, you can do this before or during but don’t run without a destination! I like to track my runs on Strava which is a great fitness app, you can cycle on it as well! It gives you loads of info and you can connect with friends and see records…

3. Breathe, this may seem obvious but try and keep it steady and regular.

4. Cadence, if you’re doing endurance training then try and stay at the same pace the whole time. If you do bursts it can put you off and upset your breathing causing stitches

5. Speaking of which if you get a stitch then slow down and stretch out but don’t stop, walk if you have to. Raise your hands above your head and try and breathe deeply. To prevent them while running don’t make fists with your hands but keep them open.

6. Use your arms, especially when you’re going uphill or speed running, pull your arms forwards and this really helps!

7. Know/find fountains in your area. If you see one drink even if you’re not thirsty, you may not run into another one soon.

8. If you’re running with your phone to track your run or listen to music and you don’t have pockets then this tip is for you ; I came up with this and I think it’s super helpful. My short’s pockets were so annoying since my phone kept bouncing up and down so I put it case down into the side of my sports bra and it doesn’t move around or feel uncomfortable!

9. Enjoy it, if you don’t then find something else! Even if it’s a sport and you’re doing it to keep fit you need to enjoy it to be able to do it again.

10. Don’t underestimate yourself because you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind and soul into it. Never give up! Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone’s pace will be different but It’s fun to run with a friend so you can encourage each other but try to find someone who runs at around the same level, it’ll be more beneficial for you both!

I hope you enjoyed this post, that you feel more encouraged and educated about running. Please tell me what you think about it!

Sending you lipstick stained kisses, love you lots and a HUGE thanks for all of YOUR support,

Millie xx


  1. This is a really good post.i do karate and we do a lot of fitness there too. My dad does running and he is running the London marathon this year, your photography skills are amazing xxx

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