5 minutes, 4 ingredients; microwave banana bread 

Sup everyone 👅
As you’re reading this, I’ll actually be in Slovakia doing humanitarian aid. I hope this has gone up, it should be Sunday? Anyway I’ve been recently loving making this microwave banana bread! It literally takes less than 5 minutes to make and bake and you only need 4 ingredients which I’m sure you have in your cupboard already! Here’s my recipe;

For one serving;

-half a banana 

-1tsp of peanut butter 

-1 tbsp of self raising flour 

-1tsp of milk 


Cut the banana up into small slides and keep three for later. 

First off mash the bananas 

Add the flour, nut butter, cinnamon and milk 

mix up all of the ingredients really well 

 then pop it into the microwave for 1 minute (or more depending on yours) 

pop the extra banana slices on top and sprinkle with cinnamon. 

Voilà! It’s so yummy and quick and easy! 

I hope you all enjoyed this blogpost, thanks so much for reading! See you very soon, if you want to read more new posts the make sure to follow by entering your email or WordPress account to be notified every time I upload which is usually Thursdays and Sundays! Love you all lots and I’m sending you lots of lipsticks stained kisses 

Millie xxx (you get an extra kiss today!)

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  1. Is this meant to go up on Sunday? It’s Friday! I think my sister might like this recipe but I’m not really a big fan of bananas and I don’t like peanut butter 😦 great post tho for anyone who likes banana bread. Xxx

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