Under rated drugstore products 

Sup everyone 👅Today I’m going to be talking to you about some under rated drugstore products. These deserve to be better known in my opinion! You may already know of these but I reckon they need more hype. Here they are;

-Barry m showgirl mascara, £5 (I talk about this ALL the time) it’s my absolute fave, I’ve already used three of these! The bristles are so thick and the product works well on my lashes! 

-baby oil spray, £1,29 this may seem strange but it leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated. It just takes a few sprays and then just rub it in. 

-essence velvet matte lip sticks, ~£2 I wrote a while blogpost about these which you can check out here. 

-primark makeup brushes, £1 they are really soft, easy to clean and they don’t shed! Everything I look for in a good makeup brush. Plus they’re really cheap! 

-freedom brow pomade, £5 this is a new discovery for me. I’d never tried a brow pommade before. This has made doing my brows so much easier and they look a lot better. I use the primark spoolie brush to fill them in! 

-Mua liquid lipsticks, £3 these are so long wearing and the colours are so pigmented and gorgeous. Overall lovely products.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you did then make sure to follow! You can do this if you’ve got an email account! Then you’ll be notified every time I upload Whig is on Sundays and Thursday, also you won’t miss a post! Thanks so much for reading. See you very soon, sending you loads of nude lipstick stained kisses,
Millie xx 

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