10 tips on dying your hair at home! 

Sup everyone 👅 
Today I’m back from my little break, I’ve had exams for the past week or so and I just needed to focus on that! Only 5 more oral ones to go… today I’m going to be talking about something I love doing which is dying my hair. I’m definitely not an expert but I have learned along the way since I’ve dyed it 4 times in the past; Pink dip dye, Pink highlights. And mermaid highlights! I posted a YouTube video of my friend elise and I which you can find here. Also blue highlight top-ups.

If you go to a salon it can be really expensive and harder to explain to the hairdresser what you want. Also you might be disappointed by the end result, which would be a shame since it’s not cheap! Here are some of my tips on dying your hair at home!

1. Plan what you want, the best way of doing this is Pinterest! Just search for example unicorn roots in blonde hair, then you can make an inspiration board or something similar.

2. Invest in good hair dye, i prefer semi-permanent since it will wash out but fade nicely too. Unless you have really long hair / you’re dying all of it then you won’t need a full bottle so you can reuse them. Some of my faves are special effects and colorista. 

3. Go for a brighter dye than you actually want, the colour is never as intense as in the pot so this is crucial if you want a nice end result! 

4. Make sure you prepare your aluminium in advance, normal cooking one works just fine! 

5. Wear gloves, elise learned this the hard way…

6. Have enough time this seems pretty obvious but the last two times I’ve been late to a show/school !

7. Cover your bowls in cling film then you won’t have to wash them but simply throw away the plastic. 

8. Do it with a friend who knows how to do it or read up loads of articles about it on wiki how 😉

9. If you need to remove it for any reason (sorry) then to help it fade away mix in some lemon juice, baking powder to your conditioner and it’ll make the colours go away faster! 

10. Don’t be afraid! I know it’s daunting and so much could go wrong but if it does look that bad you can always tie your hair up! Don’t take too big of sections for highlights and do a gradual dip dye! Let it process for enough time and you should be fine! 

All the best of luck! Love you all lots, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on Sunday for a dreamy blogpost 😉 

Sending you lots of lipstick stained kisses

Millie xx

Ps leave any questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them 🙂 

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